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You want to take your business online?

Better talk to us and we will advise on the implementation of your e-commerce strategy. In the past decade, we accompanied several global players on their way into e-commerce. As software developers, our focus is on technology and architecture consulting, conception and implementation of back-end, databases and interfaces as well as development of custom-fit processes and tools for a quality assured and sustainable operation of your e-commerce application or shop system. Our longtime experience with big, often international e-commerce projects underlines our competence, even in cooperation with various agencies of our customers.


Tell us about your wishes and we will find a solution!
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TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal – our experts can help you to find the perfect Content Management System (CMS) for your project and requirements and also to identify the necessary CMS extensions. Since not every layout fits to every needs, we can also take over the development of new extensions as well as the customization of existing extensions. And if during operation, adjustments or developments in your CMS are pending, you will find a reliable partner for planning and implementation in us.


How do you organize the digital collaboration in your company? E-mail, shared contacts, tasks and schedule management are common ground nowadays. But modern solutions do a lot more. Besides a significantly larger functional scope, it is, above all, the high degree of technical adaptability, extensibility and the ability to integrate seamlessly in a wide variety of operating environments. Various processes within the company can be digitized by customisation and often ensure a significant and continuous increase in productivity thanks to expense reduction and digital processing.


Are you planning to create and introduce your own software for your digital transformation? Your aging database application is to be replaced by a modern and user-friendly application? Then you have come to the right place. Our project history already includes a number of established developments and functions, which can be recycled in many of our software projects by targeted customizing in a budget-friendly way and positively influence your project costs. As you can see, we are well versed in many areas. So if you want to break new ground and need individual software, please contact us! Learn more...





Metaways is developing software for the archdiocese of Hamburg to improve cooperation in church and honorary structures. So far, it has been difficult to integrate the many volunteers into the existing structures. Prospectively, the software will enable a cooperation between the church and volunteers that is compliant with data protection regulations - even for private devices.



The Hamburg-based IT service provider for hosting and software development Metaways took over the operation of the Internet platform of the pharmaceutical and laboratory supplier Sartorius AG. In particular, the so-called DevOps principle plays a decisive role for stability, high availability and security.



Bijou Brigitte, Europe's leading supplier of fashion jewellery and accessories, is supported by Metaways in expanding its shopware system. With the existing ERP, all processes, from the checkout at the store to the web shop, are perfectly connected with each other and will be extended by a customer card and a versatile bonus system.