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Shopware Enterprise Hosting


Metaways is a specialist for hosting and application and official hosting partner of Shopware. We are your reliable partner when it comes to the professional operation of platform and services for sophisticated B2C and B2B commerce with Shopware Enterprise - regardless of whether you use Shopware 5 or Shopware 6.




With Shopware 6, Shopware consistently uses the API-first approach, so that all store functionalities can also be controlled via Rest APIs. In accordance with headless commerce, frontend and backend are technically separated from each other, so that both can be operated on different nodes and scaled in a load optimized way.



With Symfony and Vue.js, Shopware 6 uses established state-of-the-art technologies. With the Data Abstraction Layer (DAL), Shopware provides a separate layer between the database storage and the application to handle the read, write, search and aggregation processes. This abstraction layer and the use of our Elasticsearch and Redis clusters optimize the scalability and performance of your Shopware 6 installation.



Custom-built Platform as a Service (PaaS). We have the right platform solution for every project.Depending on requirements and objectives, we operate our hosting platforms for shopware in our own infrastructure or use the existing offering of a public cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). We support the deployment and support of various platform concepts in operation - from classic virtualization to hybrid models with containers to pod clusters with Kubernetes. Your platform remains flexible at all times and can be expanded with additional services.


+ High flexibility in choosing the preferred infrastructure and designing the favoured platform concept

+ 2x ISO 27001-certified data centers at the Hamburg site for scalable operation outside the public cloud

+ Proven extensive shopware know-how through certified developers and various enterprise-level operational projects

+ Personal contacts in technical platform support and service management

+ German and English language support

+ Individual service level agreement

+ Hosting as core strength since 2001


+49 40 31 70 31 – 65+49 40 31 70 31 – 65