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The Spryker Commerce OS is a new generation of modular operating systems for highly agile e-commerce business in B2C and B2B. Thanks to the architecture of Spryker, which is based on a separation of front-end and back-end, the uncomplicated connection of all sorts of customer interfaces in the form of front-end applications such as desktop shop, voice skills, chatbots or block chain technology is possible. Due to the infrastructural setup, digital business models can be implemented quickly and flexibly adapted to new market developments in order to reach customers across all conceivable touchpoints.

At the Spryker partner Metaways, experts from system operation meet experienced software developers for business-critical web applications. A more than convincing set of skills that benefits our customers and their technical service providers in every phase of the hosting project and operation. Every hosting setup is tuned to your needs and targets in every detail - from designing the production environment, quality assurance, your deployment chain to integrating managed services into the cloud and supporting your continuous delivery processes.

With Metaways, you are choosing a competent partner who in collaboration feels like a part of your team.





More than 15 years of experience in hosting of demanding e-commerce projects (B2B and B2C)


Proven comprehensive application know-how and in-depth understanding of technologies, methods and processes for agile continuous delivery


Operational scenarios and architectures for zero downtime deployments


Regular contact persons in Metaways platform support and service management


Setups for independent vertical and horizontal scaling of Spryker front-end apps and back-end capabilities


Support for CI, unit tests, automated testing and cloud-supported load and performance tests


High skill level for operating platforms and services in the context of in-house developments and software customizations


Two ISO 27001 certified data centers at the Hamburg site


Operation of hybrid hosting concepts with managed services in the cloud of AWS or Akamai


Guaranteed service levels at application level with comprehensive SLA and service reporting



Together with Spryker, Metaways relaunched the B2B e-commerce platform for Winterhalter + Fenner AG, one of the leading electrical wholesalers in Switzerland. After Metaways had developed the appropriate hosting concept in consultation with Winterhalter + Fenner's experts, the Spryker platform including various services was implemented. Prospectively, Metaways will be responsible for the management and support of the platform.



The Southern German apparel company AWG Mode has decided to relaunch its B2C online shop with Metaways and the Hamburg-based agency superReal, which was responsible for the implementation. Together a concept was developed which guarantees the high availability of the platform and a service-oriented scaling in delivery. Metaways is responsible for the hosting in combination with external cloud services and finally carries out individual load and performance tests.



The GRIMME Group, one of the world market leaders in the field of potato, beet and vegetable technology, has decided to develop an MVP based on Spryker Commerce OS. As a special challenge, the front-end, the back-end, the database and the services should be able to be scaled independently of each other. The project will be carried out together with the agency NEXUS Netsoft, which is responsible for the implementation.



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