Help in the AWS maze

It sounds so simple: book a resource on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and get started right away. Wonderful, but do you really know which of the many available services you need for your e-commerce platform?

Which setups and settings are necessary so that it turns out not to be an expensive experience in the long run, despite scaling? Get expert advice on board and rely on our many years of hosting and cloud expertise.

E-commerce has its specific challenges that can be mitigated by cloud usage.


If your store has special requirements for fast, intensive scalability, for example, you regularly run large promotions, then AWS is a cost-effective way to meet peak usage loads and ensure delivery of your content.


If you want to focus on the development of your software and want the infrastructure to adapt to it, then serverless is an interesting approach for you. Automatic scaling, automatic capacity management and flexible resource management – AWS Lambda offers you exciting possibilities here.


If you have a global strategy and serve international markets, you can achieve short response and delivery times of your store in the cloud by using content delivery networks or by booking cloud services on the respective continents or even in the desired countries.

We guide you!

As numerous as the possibilities are the pitfalls that can not only make your platform unnecessarily expensive, but in the worst case can also impede it. This is where Metaways is your experienced partner and service provider. We advise you right from the creation of the platform concept, take over the setup and secure the operation through our AWS management – around the clock. You will always remain flexible and independent, because we do not resell.

You are a contractual partner of Amazon Web Services and can therefore freely decide at any time whether you still need the support of Metaways or prefer to go your own way. Benefit from our experience in the technical handling of large e-commerce platforms and find a reliable path through the AWS maze!

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