Custom-tailored PaaS

Metaways is a long-standing hosting partner of Shopware and specializes in turning our customers’ requirements into tailor-made solutions. Metaways’ custom-tailored PaaS offers full flexibility and, thanks to our full management, more freedom for software development. On request, we can expand our PaaS services to include additional managed services for web protection (web application firewall, web DDoS protection, bot mitigation) and CDN. For enhanced security, performance and stability.

Comprehensive e-commerce solutions
for B2C and B2B applications

Shopware is a modern e-commerce platform that helps companies create and manage customized online stores. With its flexible architecture, user-friendly interface and omnichannel capability, Shopware enables a seamless shopping experience across different sales channels. In addition, Shopware also supports headless commerce, which allows companies to detach the presentation layer from the backend logic, offering more flexibility in the design and delivery of content.

Modular architecture

The architecture of Shopware follows the concept of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), whereby the backend and frontend components are detached from each other. Symfony is used in the backend. The connection to MySQL or MariaDB is made via Doctrine ORM. Shopware relies on the JavaScript library Vue.js for the frontend. Shopware also offers comprehensive support for caching with Redis and Varnish and for searching with Opensearch.

In a PaaS at Metaways, we take over operational responsibility for the integrated services. Your developers can concentrate fully on the further development of your Shopware application.

Metaways PaaS = flexibility

Choose a PaaS infrastructure that meets your technical requirements for the project, your compliance and your budget. Whether you prefer to have control over your data in one of our data centers in Hamburg, appreciate the global orientation and scalability of the Amazon Web Services Cloud or need a tailor-made platform solution on your premises – we offer you the right platform.

Virtual servers or Kubernetes

The Metaways PaaS not only offers flexibility in the infrastructure, but also in the choice of technology concept. You can choose whether you want to process your workloads classically on scalable virtual server instances in the desired PROD and NON-PROD environments or whether you want to use Kubernetes to make optimum use of compute resources, easily deploy and scale applications, efficiently distribute data traffic and much more. Regardless of your choice, we take operational responsibility for systems, clusters and services.


Regardless of the chosen technology concept, we support your future deployment for Shopware with a suitable deployment pipeline for Git-based software versioning. When deploying for Kubernetes, we even go one step further and provide you with the scripts required to create the containers and deploy them in the cluster’s customer namespace. The deployment of updates and customizations for the containers of the services in your project, such as the database, Redis and Opensearch, is handled by Metaways.

DevOps services

With our optional DevOps services, we work with you and your technical service providers to ensure the smooth operation of your Shopware system. We are there to understand your individual requirements for your operational project and develop customized CI/CD pipelines that enable automated testing and zero-downtime deployments. We use state-of-the-art tools and proven methods to optimize your development process and shorten time-to-market.

Our experienced team investigates and resolves performance issues in your Shopware application, implements robust error tracking solutions to proactively monitor and resolve errors and exceptions, and analyzes your database and configurations to eliminate bottlenecks and further improve the performance of your application.

Für den Fall, dass Ihre Shopware-Applikation nicht von einem technischen Dienstleister betreut wird, sind Sie bei unseren Shopware-Devs in den besten Händen. Wir kümmern uns um alle Aspekte der Softwarepflege und Wartung Ihres Shopware-Systems, von der Durchführung kleinerer Anpassungen der Software über Fehlerbehebungen bis zum geregelten Update-Management. Entwicklungsprojekte und komplexere Aufgaben in der Dev-Betreuung sehen wir allerdings klar bei einem erfahrenen Shopware Solutions Partner.


How much experience does Metaways have with Shopware?

Metaways has been Shopware’s official hosting partner for over five years. Over the years, we have implemented various Shopware platforms in a wide range of infrastructures. Our Shopware expertise is not limited to operational knowledge. Our own application team also provides our customers with application support for Shopware if required.

How does the Metaways PaaS differ from the official Shopware PaaS?

The Metaways PaaS is tailor-made. The setup is tailored to the specific Shopware project and therefore also enables an individual platform design with additional services and applications, managed CDN and managed web protection. There is no commitment to a Shopware subscription.

PaaS without vendor lock-in, is that possible?

Yes – it is possible with Metaways. If you opt for a Metaways PaaS in the Amazon Web Services cloud or, in future, Azure, we will be happy to use your existing contractual relationship with the cloud provider to set up and operate the Shopware platform. The cloud services used are under your control and our management responsibility – for as long as you wish.

How does Metaways support me in ongoing capacity and change management?

With our service management, your Metaways PaaS is accompanied by a personal service manager. Your service manager coordinates the update and change management for your platform, supports your elasticity planning and creates quarterly reviews for service and SLA reporting. Together with the responsible system administrators, the service manager forms a strong team in the support of your platform and our cooperation.

How does Metaways work with agency partners?

Agencies are an essential part of almost all of our operational projects. They take responsibility for customizations, further development and maintenance of Shopware and are involved in the customer project at an early stage. At Metaways, an experienced technical project manager is responsible for planning, coordinating and controlling the project implementation. During operation, we focus on clear responsibilities, fast response times and transparency. We achieve this through a customized RACI matrix and a customer-specific ticket queue in which all project participants are involved. Many of our operational projects come about on the recommendation of agencies.


High flexibility in the choice of desired infrastructure and technology concept

2x ISO 27001-certified data centers in Hamburg for scalable Shopware operation outside the public cloud

Personal contacts for technical platform support and service management

PaaS in the AWS with use of an existing customer AWS account

PaaS in the customer’s data center

Provision of a deployment pipeline

Managed services for CDN and web protection

German and English-speaking support

Agreement of individual service levels (SLA)



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