E-Commerce Hosting

Metaways is a specialist for hosting and applications in demanding B2C and B2B commerce projects. Our hosting setups combine best practices with individual solution design – from technology stack to continuous delivery.

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector and various enterprise projects, we are one of the top addresses when it comes to reliable and high-performance operation of your assets in e-commerce – whether in the public cloud or in one of our data centers in Hamburg.

From classic to headless

Our official hosting partnerships with Shopware and Spryker stand for proven competence and experience in hosting these two established store systems. But we can do much more. The focus of our operational competence is on modern and scalable web stacks, as also found in alternative e-commerce applications and individual developments – from classic to headless.


Depending on the store system and project requirements, a whole range of established state-of-the-art technologies are used for frontend, backend, database, caching, queuing and product search. The individual hosting setup is tailored as optimally as possible to the customer’s project and is designed to be highly available and scalable. Additional environments similar to the live system for integration, testing and QA round off the operating concept.

Metaways Hosting Services

Where does Metaways’ responsibility begin and where does it end? Simple answer: With the exception of the store applications – which are usually maintained and serviced by the agency and the customer’s technical service providers – we are responsible for the availability and proper operation of our infrastructure, platforms and services. This also includes contracted external services for e.g. Global CDN and Web Application Protection. Depending on requirements and objectives, we operate our platforms in our own infrastructure or use the existing offering of a public cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). We provide operational support for the deployment and maintenance of various platform concepts – from classic virtualization and hybrid models with containers to pod clusters with Kubernetes. Your platform remains flexible at all times and can be expanded with additional services.

We take it personally

Rolling out a change, setting a few additional indexes on the database, checking anomalies in load behavior for plausibility, analyzing performance issues, planning scaling – your personal project contact in technical operations and service management leaves nothing to chance. As early as the project planning phase, you will get to know your Metaways team, which will also accompany your hosting project during regular operation. At all times, personally and at eye level with you and your technical service providers.

Few of many.

+ High flexibility in the choice of the desired infrastructure and the design of the desired platform concept.

+ 2x ISO 27001-certified data centers at location in Hamburg for scalable operation outside the public cloud

+ Cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with 24×7 monitoring and support

+ Direct contacts in technical platform form support and service management

+ German and English support

+ Agreement on individual service levels

+ Hosting as core competence since 2001



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