E-commerce is business-critical for many companies, so when software hiccups and outages occur, getting competent help promptly is essential. That’s where Metaways Application Support comes in and provides you with a rapid response team with guaranteed response times.

Metaways Application Support

Do you know the principle of rubber duck debugging? To track down a program error, you explain the software code line by line to a rubber duck in the hope of discovering the bug. Metaways Application Support is a professional rubber duck with in-house analysis expertise and know-how in multiple frameworks and software systems, coupled with DevOps expertise in both traditional hosting and cloud environments. This allows your developers to focus on the evolution of your software. Then, when things go squeaky in operation, Metaways Application Support sets out to find the problem and its solution. Depending on the complexity and prioritization of your platform, we agree with you on a reasonable hourly quota that is spent on support and ongoing monitoring of further developments.

At work

Your personal Metaways team first familiarizes itself with your platform so that it knows the neuralgic points and can quickly find its way around if the worst comes to the worst. When you then inform us of a malfunction, either by ticket to our ticket system, by telephone or via an alert from your application monitoring system, our software developers begin analyzing the malfunction within the agreed response time. We distinguish between different fault categories, whereby the following applies:

The more critical the disruption, the shorter the response time. So if nothing works at all, you have top priority and the search for a solution is started in less than an hour, for example. To help you analyze and better assess the errors, we create reports at regular intervals on where and when Metaways Application Support had to intervene and in what time it responded.

Your advantages

+ Quick help when it counts

+ Skilled and experienced developers

+ DevOps expertise in hosting and cloud environments

+ Guaranteed response times

+ Optional quarterly reporting

+ Ongoing training in your further developments

+ Extensive know-how in various frameworks, e-commerce systems, infrastructures

+ Existing knowledge base for additional requested development support



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