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As an official Pimcore technology partner, Metaways has extensive expertise in the scalable and highly available operation of Pimcore and services. Our Platform-as-a-Service offering is individually tailored to your project requirements and, if desired, goes far beyond the operation of the platform. From managed services for web security and CDN to the implementation of individual continuous delivery pipelines or automated deployment routes at Metaways – your personal contacts in technical operations and service management leave nothing to chance. And best of all: we are very versatile when it comes to the desired infrastructure.


One platform for all digital data and customer experience

Pimcore is the leading open source platform for Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM). With its flexible architecture, Pimcore enables efficient management of product data and digital assets across different sales channels. With powerful features such as data modelling, workflow management and digital asset management, Pimcore offers the ideal solution for tech-savvy companies to make the most of product information and create personalized product experiences.

Modular architecture

Pimcore follows a modular architecture pattern that makes it possible to seamlessly integrate various functions and extensions. The use of technologies such as MySQL or MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Redis and Varnish creates a powerful and scalable basis for Pimcore. In a PaaS at Metaways, we take over operational responsibility for all these services. Your developers can concentrate fully on the further development of your Pimcore application.

Metaways PaaS = flexibility

Choose a PaaS infrastructure that meets your technical requirements for the project, your compliance and your budget. Whether you prefer to have control over your data in one of our data centers in Hamburg, appreciate the global orientation and scalability of the Amazon Web Services Cloud or need a tailor-made platform solution on your premises – we offer you the right platform.


Regardless of the chosen technology concept, we support your future deployment for Pimcore with a suitable deployment pipeline for Git-based software versioning. When deploying for Kubernetes, we go one step further and provide you with a base image for Pimcore as well as the scripts required to create the containers and deploy them in the cluster’s customer namespace. The deployment of updates and customizations for the containers of the services, such as the database, Redis and Elasticsearch, is carried out by Metaways.

DevOps services

With our optional DevOps services, we work with you and your technical service providers to ensure the smooth operation of your Pimcore system. We are at your side to understand your individual requirements for your operational project and develop customized CI/CD pipelines that enable automated testing and zero-downtime deployments. We use state-of-the-art tools and proven methods to optimize your development process and shorten time-to-market.
Our experienced team investigates and resolves performance issues in your Pimcore application, implements robust error tracking solutions to proactively monitor and resolve errors and exceptions, and analyzes your database and configurations to eliminate bottlenecks and further improve the performance of your application.

In the event that your Pimcore application is not managed by a technical service provider, you are in good hands with our Pimcore devs. We take care of all aspects of software maintenance and servicing of your Pimcore system, from making minor adjustments to the software to bug fixes and regular update management. However, we clearly see development projects and more complex tasks in dev support as the responsibility of an experienced Pimcore Solutions Partner.


How much experience does Metaways have with Pimcore?

Metaways put its first Pimcore platform into operation in summer 2020 and has been an official Pimcore technology partner since fall 2021. Over the years, various Pimcore platforms have been added in a wide variety of infrastructures. Our Pimcore expertise is not limited to operational knowledge. Our own application team also provides our customers with application support for Pimcore if required.

How does the Metaways PaaS differ from the official Pimcore PaaS?

Pimcore offers its own PaaS only in conjunction with an Enterprise Subscription. The available PaaS packages are clearly defined in terms of their performance features. A partial additional requirement usually leads to a package upgrade. The Metaways PaaS is tailor-made and allows granular scaling in the sizing of the platform at any time – whether temporary or permanent. The setup is tailored to the respective Pimcore project and thus also enables an individual platform design with additional services and applications, managed CDN and managed web security. There is no commitment to a Pimcore Enterprise Subscription.

PaaS without vendor lock-in, is that possible?

Yes – it is possible with Metaways. If you opt for a Metaways PaaS in the Amazon Web Services cloud or, in future, Azure, we will be able to use your existing contractual relationship with the cloud provider to set up and operate the Pimcore platform. The cloud services used are under your control and our management responsibility – for as long as you wish.

Pimcore 11 supports Elasticsearch 8. Does Metaways offer a license-compliant Elastic service?

Yes, Metaways is an Elastic MSP partner. The Elastic 8 services managed by Metaways are based on an official MSP license. As a Metaways PaaS customer using Elastic, you are on the safe side and do not have to fear a license violation.

How does Metaways support me in ongoing capacity and change management?

With our service management, your Metaways PaaS is supported by a personal service manager. Your service manager coordinates the update and change management for your platform, supports your elasticity planning and creates quarterly reports for service and SLA reporting. Together with the responsible system administrators, the service manager forms a strong team in the support of your platform and our collaboration.

How does Metaways work with agency partners?

Agencies are an essential part of almost all of our operational projects. They take responsibility for customizations, further development and maintenance of Pimcore and are involved in the customer project at an early stage. At Metaways, an experienced technical project manager is responsible for planning, coordinating and controlling the project implementation. During operation, we focus on clear responsibilities, fast response times and transparency. We achieve this through a customized RACI matrix and a customer-specific ticket queue in which all project participants are involved. Many of our operational projects come about on the recommendation of agencies.


High flexibility in the choice of desired infrastructure and technology concept

2x ISO 27001-certified data centers in Hamburg for scalable Pimcore operation outside the public cloud

Personal contacts for technical platform support and service management

PaaS in the AWS with use of an existing customer AWS account

PaaS in the customer’s data center

Provision of a deployment pipeline

Managed services for CDN and web security

German and English-speaking support

Agreement of individual service levels (SLA)



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