Every millisecond counts

Every millisecond counts. This may sound overstated, but it has been established and confirmed again and again in numerous studies. In e-commerce in particular, the speed at which a page is loaded has an immense influence on the customer journey, the bounce rate and the conversion rate.

Thus begins the competition for the First Contentful Paint (FCP). CDNs, which work with caching and short data transmission distances, are a proven means. Speed Kit takes a different approach and optimises data transmission where it counts most: in the potential customer’s browser.

Time is money

Optimising the loading times of websites is a complex task: Countless adjustment levers let such a project quickly get out of hand and thus make it more expensive.

Firstly, the backend of the website could be improved (e.g. shop system performance, headless, database tuning, microservices, image servers, autoscaling …). Secondly, there are optimisation possibilities on the network level (Content Delivery Networks, Web Caches, HTTP/2 Push, TLS, TCP Handshakes, Gzip, WebP, Preloads, …). And thirdly, improvements could be made on the client side (critical rendering path, lazy loading, nonblocking scripts, single-page app, treeshaking, …).

Speed Kit, on the other hand, only needs a few lines of Javascript code and within a few days your application is up and running. You only have to answer a few questions, the experts will do the rest. No big project, no months of expensive incremental improvements, but an immediate and significant increase in performance.

Advantage through technology

Speed Kit is based on innovative caching algorithms and accelerates even dynamic and personalised content. Intensive research went into the final product, which is based on a browser technology (service worker) that enables acceleration from within the client’s browser.

This allows you to achieve 1.5x to 3x acceleration independent of and in addition to any other performance solution such as CDNs (e.g. AkamaI), image services (e.g. Cloudinary) or clouds (e.g. AWS). Speed Kit is independent of the existing infrastructure and is a layer on top of it.

Speed Kit has been designed to be DSGVO compliant. Speed Kit does not process cookies, credentials or other personally identifiable information from the accelerated website and therefore never sees sensitive user information as the service worker does not have access to cookies per the specification. No cookies or user credentials are stored and IP addresses are anonymised at the first network layer.

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