Premium Hosting

With a hosting at Metaways you decide for a partner who competently accompanies and supports you and your technical service providers in all phases of your web project. Mass business is not ours, with us it is personal. We understand the importance of your project and rely on modern and highly available infrastructures and architectures with a comprehensive range of custom-fit services and solutions to contribute to your success. To this end, you will have dedicated contact persons who know your platform and its needs inside out: An experienced consultant/project manager in the phases of planning and technical realization, a system administrator in platform support, a service manager for change/service management, SLA reporting, elasticity planning and much more. We take it personally!



Virtual Server

Virtual servers in our virtualization clusters offer you maximum flexibility – in CPUs, RAM, hard disk space and operating software. Server redundancies are operated on different cluster nodes. The stack of our platforms is fully managed via our automated system and configuration management.

Container & Pods

Our virtualization clusters support the operation of applications virtualized in Docker containers. For projects in Kubernetes, we provide our customers with their own Kubernetes cluster with its own control planes, worker nodes and container registry. Database, search and caches can be provided as highly available and fully managed services.

Dedicated Infrastructure

From dedicated hardware servers, firewalls, load balancers, switches to storage and backup systems. We provide you with your very own infrastructure as a managed rental solution and guarantee proper operation. We are also ready to support you with possible validations such as GxP and accompany you in auditing.

Amazon Web Services

Whether as a holistic cloud platform with professional management and round-the-clock support or as partial cloud services to complement and extend Metaways’ own hosting infrastructure and operating concepts. We accompany you in the implementation and further development of your global hosting strategies. Learn more!


in focus

Each framework has its advantages, specialties and features that predestine it for your project. Once you’ve decided, we’ll tailor the hosting to your system so that all components run smoothly and all cogs mesh optimally.

Shopware Hosting

Metaways is Shopware’s enterprise hosting partner. Contrary to the standard hosting packages prevalent on the market, our hosting setups are fully oriented towards your requirements and those of your agency. In combination with our services and best practices, a sure bet for your satisfaction.
More about Shopware hosting.

Spryker Hosting

Metaways is an official Spryker hosting partner. With Spryker Commerce OS, new customer interfaces in the form of front-end applications such as desktop store, mobile apps, IoT scenarios, blockchain technology or bot and voice integrations can be implemented within a very short time.
More about Spryker hosting.

Pimcore Hosting

Pimcore, the modern digital platform for centralized data management and personalized customer experience, offers developers numerous possibilities, which are even better accentuated by a coherent hosting. Find out what benefits Pimcore hosting at Metaways offers.
More about Pimcore hosting

E-Commerce Hosting

When it comes to hosting your e-commerce platform, don’t trust just anyone – it’s better to rely on experience and expert knowledge. Metaways not only understands your requirements for security, scalability and high availability, we also know how to translate them into a customized environment.
More about e-commerce hosting.

Our data center

for less trouble

Regardless of the solution you choose, you can be sure that the hardware itself is also in the best hands. We rely on two independent data centers at the Hamburg site. We operate our own colocations there with their own autonomous system. Both locations are ISO 27001 certified.


Current Projects

Hartje KG

In three generations, the family business has developed into a powerful North German specialist wholesaler. The extensive delivery program, an own bicycle and wheel production, a full range in the area of bicycle parts and last but not least the nationwide delivery with own vehicles makes Hartje one of the leading wholesale houses of the bicycle trade in the whole of Germany, Austria and Holland.

Cornelsen Verlag

Cornelsen Verlag is one of the leading providers of educational media in the German-speaking world. With a high level of didactic expertise, Cornelsen develops products for the classroom and personal learning – printed, digital and cross-media. The company stands for learning success and proven high quality – and has done so for over 75 years: In 1946, Franz Cornelsen founded the publishing house that has since had a significant impact on the German education landscape.

As versatile as our customers.



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