Metaways is ‘Employer Of The Future’


Metaways Infosystems GmbH has been named “‘Employer of the Future” by the Deutsche Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung (DIND) (German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalisation). In a two-stage assessment process, the SME IT company from Hamburg was able to convince the institute’s experts of its steps towards becoming an innovative smart company and thus win another strong factor in the competition for skilled workers.

ecclesias auf dem Digitaltag Illustration

Drinks, fruit, fitness, events – to fill vacancies and retain employees, companies rely on many incentives (Metaways, too, by the way). But for SMEs in particular, this also makes it more difficult to attract the attention and interest of job seekers because all the offers are somehow similar.

For the “Employer of the Future” seal, Metaways has shown structures and processes how the company has already sustainably positioned itself for the future and how it is preparing for new developments. “One example from our practice is mobile working,” explains Christian Baumann, Managing Director at Metaways, “we had already created the possibility of remote working before the Corona pandemic. This then came to our aid in order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to developments.”

Despite – or perhaps because of – the good preparation, the organisation of work in the company has changed post-pandemic and is in an ongoing process of adaptation. “Of course, we have also noticed that employees want more flexibility in structuring their working day. That’s why mobile working now takes up a lot of space in our working culture and at the same time we have reorganised our office landscape into top-equipped, ergonomic shared desks for those who want to escape their own four walls for a while.”

However, Christian Baumann does not want to rest on past accomplishments: “Every company must continue to develop in order to meet new challenges and succeed in the future. Our next goals are in the areas of health promotion as well as further education and training for our employees. We are also looking for ways to become even more diverse and sustainable to enable Metaways to continue to grow organically.”

So it takes more than fruit and foosball tables to qualify as an attractive “employer of the future”. Metaways has now reached the status quo and will seek new ways and solutions to make it a constant.



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