Reliability in uncertain times


This is where we usually look back on the year with more or less lighthearted texts and talk about what’s been going on at Metaways. This year, we want to get a little “political” for once, because it concerns us.

Illustration shadow building Hamburg harbor, in the Elphi light shines in rainbow colors

Over 30 people from different cultural backgrounds, with different views and experiences, work at Metaways. We are not “woke” and certainly still make mistakes and overlook the privileges of the majority society, for example. Nevertheless, we are all united (alongside a certain penchant for technology) by our belief in the fundamental values that we stand for: Human rights, democracy, peace, mutual respect – regardless of ethnicity, age, religion, gender and sexual orientation.
You can count on that.

With this in mind, we would like to thank you for your trusting cooperation and wish you happy holidays and a successful New Year.

Stay strong!

Your Metaways team



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